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sathish kumar
Visiting Date: From 2018-10-09 To 2020-02-09
Visiting Place: Taipei, Taiwan

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Vera Kee
Visiting Date: From 2020-07-05 To 2020-07-25
Visiting Place: Taiwan

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David McCulley
Visiting Date: From 2016-07-22 To 2020-12-31
Visiting Place: New Taipei, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Brittany James
Visiting Date: From 2017-09-11 To 2022-08-31
Visiting Place: New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Kirke Ruuven
Visiting Date: From 2019-09-24 To 2020-09-23
Visiting Place: Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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Wei Yu
Visiting Date: From 2019-11-07 To 2019-12-20
Visiting Place: 台灣台北

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